About Just Ducky

Just Ducky was hatched in 2015 at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque. Ever since then she has made a splash in the PNW performing around the greater Seattle area and Portland. She is a real tweetie pie who's sure to quack you up and this bubbly bird has a fondness for contradiction and ruffling a few tail feathers. She can’t get enough of shimmies, sparkles and sequins and if you give her something to twirl she is one happy chick!

Before stepping onto the Burlesque stage she tried just about every other way possible to be on stage. After 9 years of ballet she decided she liked her feet too much to continue doing pointe. She continued on with dancing and teaching ballroom which will forever be one of her true loves. Around the same time she started ballet she found out she had a pretty good knack for acting and singing and worked her way onto the stage in shows like The Rocky Horror Show, Oklahoma and Chicago. Basically if it can be sung, acted or danced on the stage she has given it a try and loved every moment of it.

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